Confidence Coaching with a unique twist

Hi I'm Rose! A certified Performance Coach with a passion for empowering people to lead their best lives with clarity, calm and confidence. 

I coach clients with the help of Jet: my pet, business partner and therapy dog rolled into one. His presence creates a unique, relaxed and supportive environment to help boost the effectiveness of our sessions. 


Helping unlock the confidence and potential that exists inside you

Are you looking to make a positive change to your mindset, career or personal life?

Do you wish you knew how to calm your stressed or over-anxious mind?

Do you wonder what it is you really want from your life?


Build Clarity, Confidence and ability

Together at the Top
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Confidence Coaching

It's inside all of us

Life coaching

Discover what you really want and how to motivate yourself to achieve it.

Career coaching

The inspiration and commitment you need

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