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Energy flows where attention is directed

Welcome to the first Dukko blog post! I'm Rose: trainee Personal Performance Coach, current Strategic Analyst, life-long dog lover and someone whose ambition and drive stems from wanting to help others feel more confident about themselves and their lives.

During this change in my life and career, I wanted to start blogging for two main reasons:

1. To share and reflect on what I am learning as I work through my diploma: I'm going to be gaining access to valuable insights, advice and guidance from some of the country's top coaches. The small amount I've learnt so far has already struck a chord in how I think, act and work and I'd like to give others the chance to improve how they feel about their present and future. This will also give me a chance to reflect on the things I've learnt and tease out the specific elements that I really want to incorporate into my future practice.

2. To offer tools and tips that help people cope with what life throws at them: According to NHS stats, 1 in 6 people in England meet the criteria for suffering from a common mental disorder (including stress, anxiety, phobias, OCD or depression). I, too, have been affected by symptoms of anxiety such as breathlessness, a raised heart rate and the closing feeling of worry that often can't attributed to anything.

Many of the techniques and skills learnt from life coaching can help people manage stress or re-frame the beliefs that can lead to anxiety and phobias. A lack of vision, focus or clarity can often mean a person is stuck in one (often comfortable) place, unaffected by any challenges or goals.

Comfort sounds great, but too few challenges can leave the mind more open to over-analyse situations, which in turn can lead to anxiety and stress. It is from here that constructive coaching can help provide the direction and guidance people need to reach their full potential.

So, from my blog you can expect to see a range of posts with one common theme: Ways to help you be more confident, happy and focussed. As part of this, I'll be keeping you up to date with my personal journey, the guidance that I find that has the biggest impact, and the things that are helping me focus and gain clarity.

In the spirit of this theme, and to give you a taste of things to come, the notion that has resonated with me the most recently is this: 'Energy flows where attention is directed'.

Positive things can be hidden in plain sight if your attention is focussed on negative things.

As a literal example, if someone was asked to look around their office and then recall everyone around them that had brown hair, they would likely be able to do this to a decent level of accuracy.

But, if the same person was then immediately asked to close their eyes and recall how many people had blonde hair in the office, they would likely struggle. This is because, prior to the question, their focus was only on the brown-haired people in the room.

Our brains operate the same way with positivity and negativity. If you leave the house every morning in a negative frame of mind, you're only going to see bad, annoying or upsetting scenarios. However, if your outlook is more positive, you are more open to seeing the good, fun or opportunistic scenarios.

I'll be exploring the concept of positive psychology in much more depth in the coming months but will leave you with the following thought. Re-focussing our energy positively can have a profound effect on how we view the world and can, in time, positively impact on how many opportunities appear to present themselves. The opportunities have always been present. You just need to train your mind to see them.

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