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Cosmopolitan's Self Made Summit 2018

On Sunday 15th April I was lucky enough to spend the day at Cosmopolitan's Self Made Summit 2018. I was so glad I chose to attend this amazing conference and connect with inspiring, driven and ambitious women, as well as hear from some of the brightest entrepreneurs and influencers in the UK right now.

I learnt so much throughout the day, much of which you can find below, but my biggest takeaway from the conference was just how friendly and easy to talk to everyone was. There was a real sense of solidarity and it genuinely felt like everyone was rooting for one another. Everyone I spoke to happily shared their goals, ambitions, strategies and insecurities which was so refreshing.

I took my trusty notepad and pen and basically spent the whole conference furiously scribbling down what the speakers were saying, so that I could reflect on their insight afterwards. I hope you find it useful, insightful and inspiring!

Keynote 1:

Caroline Flack

Caroline was and is a massive breath of fresh air! She is so down to earth and completely told it like it is, while having us laughing with her the whole time. Aside from just staring at her incredible legs the whole talk, I did manage to get some notes! Caroline was discussing how knowledge is power: if you learn, repeat, learn repeat then you can feel confident in whatever you do. She also advised treating fear as excitement. If you can ride out the things that scare you then the sense of achievement you get at the end will make you feel unstoppable! Caroline also talked a lot about resilience, emphasising how things you struggle with are always easier the second time round and that actually failure can teach you how to handle things future challenges.

The Do's and Don'ts of Creating a Unique Brand:

Josh Rathour, Olivia Wollenberg,

This was an excellent talk and so relevant to Dukko and what I'd like to achieve. The key points that stood out for me was discussion around how there is value in connecting people to the thing they really want. There's a lot to be said for understanding your identity and the way you speak to customers, as well as going out and checking that the customers actually want the thing that you're supplying. Josh advised being stubborn on your goals and flexible with your methods and, in similarity with Caroline, how you can learn from rejection to help solve a problem better the next time you're faced with it.

Keynote 2:

Alice Liveing, Hugo Taylor, Jada Sezer and Instagram's Amy Grier

I got a question answered - yessss! This was the Keynote I was most looking forward to, mainly because I absolutely love Alice Liveing, and I was certainly not disappointed! Called the 'Super Influencer Masterclass' everything about influencing and social media was discussed, with great insight from Instagram's Amy Grier (the first @amy in existence!) What stood out the most for me was how you don't have to be pigeonholed if you're part of a certain industry, your posts, content or approach can differ from what everyone else is doing. My question to Alice was around confidence in social media posting, and whether or not she doubts herself or gets self-conscious about what she posts. As you can see, her answer was so down-to-earth, and even the beautiful Jada also said that she can lack confidence when posting! The advice though, was to keep it authentic, remind yourself why you started and don't suddenly change your plans if you have a crisis of confidence.

Want to be in Cosmopolitan?

I attended this talk because, while I don't necessarily want to work for Cosmopolitan, I wanted insight on how to get featured in the magazine. The speakers were some of Cosmopolitan's biggest editors and directors, and they were so honest, helpful and hilarious! The advice was straight to the point: Email the relevant person; Keep it professional; Be concise; Target your email to the person you're aiming at; Show why you're relevant; and Demonstrate what readers can take away from it.

As well as all this, we topped the day off with some incredible cocktails (pink grapefruit and gin anyone?!) and the most epic goody bag ever. I'll 100% be going to next year's Self-Made Summit, hopefully to discuss my business in much more detail and make some more great connections.

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